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5 Vital Reasons We’ve Chosen to Homeschool Our Children

We're often asked why we homeschool our children. Here are some of the main reasons this decision has been one of the best ones we've made for our family. #homeschool #homeeducation #homemaker #schoolathome #christianparenting #parenting #classicaleducation #traditionaleducation #charlottemason #howtohomeschool

A Weighty Decision

As a parent, the choices you make regarding your child’s education will have a lifelong impact on them. The skills and values they learn will play a significant role in how they integrate into society once they’ve reached adulthood. It’s no wonder, then, that there are some parents who begin applying to the most elite preschools as soon as they receive a positive pregnancy test! For my husband and me, homeschool has always seemed like the best choice for our children.


I come from a family that values education on both sides. In addition to several teachers, I am related to lawyers, nurses, engineers, and other professionals who both studied and worked hard for many years to climb the ladders of their respective fields.

My own mother is a (now retired) award-winning teacher and my father is a highly skilled engineer. I was reading and writing stories at the age of 4 thanks to my parents’ efforts.

I was blessed to attend some of the best schools in my city and surrounded by peers who would go on to become some of the most accomplished and impressive humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

My education consisted of regular trips to the symphony, the museum, the opera, and lectures from local business owners in addition to a challenging curriculum.

Despite these wonderful experiences, I believe the quality of my childhood education was the exception and not the rule. Had my parents been more hands off and allowed me to remain in a regular school system rather than ensuring my presence at schools for the gifted and talented, I doubt I would have such fond memories of school.

In fact, there are plenty of things I experienced even within the cocoon of these academically rigorous environments that helped convince me that homeschool is the best choice for parents who can manage to do it.

Thankfully, my husband and I have been able to structure our lives so that we can make homeschool work for our family.

Here are some of the main reasons we homeschool our children (and why we’re loving every moment!)

We Homeschool Our Kids…Because Time is Flying

My eldest child turned 6 a couple of weeks ago. I was so overcome by emotion once I realized she had already spent 1/3 of her childhood with us! I can still remember details of being pregnant and giving birth to her so vividly.

Due to my husband’s demanding job, he works long hours and is sometimes out of town. For him, the days are passing by even quicker because his time to be with our children can be extremely limited during certain seasons.

If our children were being educated outside of the home, none of us would see each other very much at all.

Homeschool allows us to spend time together and to be very flexible with our schedule. When my husband has a rare week off, we can drop everything and just vacation together, no special arrangements needed.

When one of my children is sick, we can work as much or as little as needed so that they can get the rest they need.  No need for me to call in sick to an employer or to scramble to find a sitter!

And when my husband’s job inevitably requires us to move again, we can pause school and pick it up again as soon as we’re ready.

“I was so overcome by emotion once I realized she had already spent 1/3 of her childhood with us!”

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We Homeschool Our Kids…To Better Nurture Their Gifts, Skills, and Interests

I have a child who has been set on becoming a doctor since she was sporting diapers.

Though I’ve endured many an eyeroll from moms whenever I’ve shared this news (which is one reason I no longer discuss my children’s interests so openly with anyone I don’t know well), I believe a person can know from a very young age what they want to do and stick with it.

In fact, I have a cousin who has told us since she could talk that she’d be an attorney someday. Guess what she does for a living?

Anyway, my STEM loving child has shown an interest in school from the get-go. Through the years, as her aptitude for math and science has become stronger, I’ve been able to foster her learning with materials and experiences that she would likely not have had she were in a typical school.

Likewise, my toddler shows a strong interest in engineering. I haven’t focused as much on formal education with him yet because I know he just wasn’t ready as early as his sister was. And that’s okay!

Since my children are educated one-to-one, they receive the benefit of a teacher who knows exactly what their needs are and how to best meet them.

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We Homeschool Our Kids…Because We Make It a Priority To Afford the Best Support Available

As long as you meet your State’s standards for being a home educator, you are qualified to homeschool.

In my case, not only do I meet those standards, I spent my time in university earning a degree in psychology and business.

Behavioral and developmental psychology have always been my two primary interests.  I believe all those hours I spent poring over academic journals and textbooks has helped me to be a better homeschooler as well as a better mother.

Nevertheless, I’ve always seen the value in having support from others whose experiences and skills complement my own.

That is why I made the decision to invest in a curriculum from an accredited private school and to pay for ongoing support from a mentor teacher. Having this sort of well developed, tested curriculum coupled with a high level of accountability gives me peace of mind.

Of course, it’s not necessary to have any of those things I’ve mentioned above to do a good job of homeschooling your children. However, this is what works best for my family, and I’m so glad we found the resources we have.

We Homeschool Our Kids…To Pass on Our Values

There is no such thing as a neutral educational setting.

There is always some underlying philosophy being taught, whether it is rooted in humanism or a religious belief system.

It is important to my husband and me that as we educate our children, we do so according to our particular worldview.

That doesn’t mean we are failing to teach them to be critical thinkers. On the contrary, we are teaching them not to blindly accept ways of thinking just because they are popular at the moment.

We Homeschool Our Kids…To Keep Them Safe

School is becoming a scary place to be these days.

I remember watching footage of Columbine unfolding in my basement back in 1999. It was such a horrific event, yet it wasn’t the last time a major tragedy like that unfolded within a school.

Since then, bullying has become an epidemic.

Likewise, sexual contact between students of all ages and teachers or other trusted school employees remains a threat.

Homeschooling our children isn’t a move we’ve made out of fear, but knowing we don’t have to be concerned about whether or not they’re safe at school is a real relief for us.

We know that having our children in homeschool doesn’t remove 100% of the threats from their lives, but we know it’s making a difference for the time being.

Counting Our Blessings

I want to make it clear that we don’t judge those families that prefer public and private schools for any reason.

I know of families that began as homeschoolers and quickly realized it wasn’t something they could handle.

Some moms were too overwhelmed, others had children with special needs that were better handled by professional educators.

Other moms absolutely must work for financial reasons or because they can’t imagine staying at home.

And some moms really like having a few hours to themselves each day!

Homeschool is important to us and we are fortunate to be able to do it for our children.

We are grateful to have the means to pay for the support we need to ensure that our children are receiving a quality education within the comfort and safety of our home.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get started with homeschool, drop me a line! I’m happy to share tips, tricks and resources.

You can also stay tuned to my blog because I’ll be sharing much more about our homeschooling experiences in the future.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked why I homeschool, my children’s college funds would be 100% funded by now!

The reasons I listed above are some of the most important reasons we homeschool, but there are plenty more reasons I could give as to why this decision has been an excellent one.

Would you like to homeschool your children? Or do you currently homeschool your children? Sound off in the comments below!


We're often asked why we homeschool our children. Here are some of the main reasons this decision has been one of the best ones we've made for our family. #homeschool #homeeducation #homemaker #schoolathome #christianparenting #parenting #classicaleducation #traditionaleducation #charlottemason #howtohomeschool

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