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Real Jobs for Enterprising Moms Preview

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Grow Your List With Ease Using Lead Generating Quizzes

Make Your Brand Stand Out with Quizzes

If you dream of having a stand out brand, there’s a lot you can learn from companies like Buzzfeed, Mental Floss, and Bored Panda.

These companies produce content that is wildly popular among Millennials (Can you believe a whopping 50% of Millennials have read Buzzfeed?!) and they dominate social media with ease.

It’s so easy to log on to these mega content providers and click through to article after article of engaging content.

These sticky blogs can be a source of envy if you’re an entrepreneur desperate to get eyes on your website, but the good news is you can borrow one of their most effective content types and make it work for your brand. I’m talking about quizzes.

Those fun quizzes in your social media timelines are powerful lead generating pieces of content. They are often light-hearted and fun with a promise to reveal secret knowledge about a person, life lessons, or pop culture insights.

Whether it’s discovering “Which Disney Princess Is Your Ultimate BFF” or “9 Boss Moves We Can Learn From Cersei Lannister” (I totally made those titles up, by the way), these quizzes are designed to grab attention.

Pop culture tie-ins and Honey Badger facts may not be the best topics to generate interest in your brand, but the quiz format is useful for a variety of topics and niches.

The key is brainstorming topics that are useful to your audience, formulating interesting questions and possible responses, incorporating appropriate images, and providing insightful results that support the premise of the quiz.

A quiz is a multipurpose piece of content that not only gives you valuable insights into your audience, it can be used to grow your list wildly!

Design Powerful Quizzes with Interact

One of my most popular opt-ins is my guide Real Jobs for Enterprising Moms.

I wrote that guide with the idea that I would help moms start on their journey from stay at home mom to work at home mom.

I’m proud of the work I did with that opt-in, but I have to confess something: It’s incomplete.

When I designed Real Jobs for Enterprising Moms, I had a dream that I would be able to turn it into an interactive quiz!

The written guide would be the blueprint for mamas who needed to know the next steps to get started.

I did a search for tools that I could use to bring my quiz to life, but what I found was insufficient.

I decided to launch the written guide, but I never gave up hope on discovering a tool that would help me to create a Work At Home Mom Style quiz.

That all changed when a representative from Interact contacted me.

“A quiz is a multipurpose piece of content that not only gives you valuable insights into your audience, it can be used to grow your list wildly!

Interact is a software company that helps businesses create high converting quizzes for list building, sales, and more.

In exchange for my honest review (you’re reading it now), I was allowed to try this amazing software for my business.


I was absolutely stoked, as you can imagine.

I’ve recently created the quiz to accompany Real Jobs for Enterprising Moms and I’m loving the results so far!

I plan to create a few more quizzes and wait until they’ve been live for at least 3 months before I dive deep into the analytics, but if the current trends continue, I’m going to have a lot of amazing data to share with you.

I can reveal that I received 3 leads and a 700% spike in website traffic the first 24 hours my quiz was live, so that’s a major win for me.

I’m looking forward to my results 3 months from now!

[January 2nd, 2020 UPDATE] As you can see, I don’t have a lot of views on my quizzes because I’ve changed niches and I’ve been less active on my blog following my pregnancy and due to running my copywriting business. However, you can see this quiz still converts crazy-well! Much better than landing pages and other lead generation tools I’ve been using.

I had a blast using the Interact Software and I’d like to teach you how to do the same! Read on for a brief tutorial.

Results After 3 Months

Results After 17 Months

From Bread Baker to Bread Maker

In this free course, I’ll show you how to jumpstart your transition from stay at home mom to work at home mom. You’ll receive valuable insights and resources right in your inbox. Get started now!

Get Your Audience to Spill the Beans: How to Write Your First Quiz with Interact

1. The first thing to do is sign up for Interact.

1. The first thing to do is sign up for Interact.

2. Once your account has been created, look for the button that says “Create New Quiz” in the upper right corner of your dashboard. Click it to get started.


3. Choose a template or make your quiz from scratch.


I’ve selected the template option.

4. Select which industry you’re in to find relevant templates. If you’re not quite sure which industry to choose, you can select more than one!


I’ve selected Business.

5. Choose one of three types of quizzes.


I’ve chosen Personality. Who doesn’t love a personality quiz?

6. Next, select a pre-made quiz to get started. All the quizzes are designed to convert well, but you can select from the templates based on how well they convert.


7. Edit the quiz to make it your own.


Change the images by choosing from royalty free images courtesy of Pixabay or edit and upload your own.


Since this quiz is about strength and my target market is women interested in entrepreneurship, I’ve found a photo of a fitness model.


8. Change the style settings



I’ve got a nice image of a woman fitness model in a cute pink sports bra, so I’ve changed my background color, button color, and progress bar color to match.

9. Edit the results, questions, and responses.


It’s a good idea to stop here and open up your word processor of choice.

Create the copy for your quiz with the theme in mind. Write descriptions for all the possible results then create the questions and list of answers with those results in mind. Doing this beforehand will make it easy to copy and paste everything directly into the editor.

Remember to add a Call to Action beneath each result. You can link to a specific page on your blog or a landing page hosted through your email marketing software.


You can choose whether to show an image for the questions, to have only text for the questions and answers, or to have only images as answer options.


You can edit result correlations so that answers apply to multiple results. Or you can keep it simple and make all “A” responses correlate to “Result A”, etc.

10. Get feedback prior to publishing.


If you’re working with a team or if you have a group of friends who can be trusted to test your quiz, you can send them a link to try it out before publishing it.

When your quiz is sent out using your preview URL, analytics are not tracked. Send it to as many people as you’d like without fear of misrepresenting the data.

11. Set up lead capture


Select the “Enable lead capture and data collection for my quiz” option so you can store all the valuable information from your quiz takers.


Interact makes it easy to be compliant with GDPR.


It’s easy to integrate with your email marketing software. Once you’ve done that, you can choose how to segment your leads and add them to lists, tags, sequences, etc.

12. Publish and promote your quiz


When your quiz looks the way you want it to and it’s properly hooked up to your email marketing software, it’s time to hit publish. After that, you can choose how to promote it.

There are so many amazing ways to integrate these quizzes on your website, in your social media campaigns, and in your email marketing.

As you promote your quiz, you will begin to collect data (and lots of it, if your quiz is interesting enough!)

I love the breakdown of the analytics for each quiz. I plan to update this tutorial in 3 months so that I have enough quizzes and enough data to write a thorough post with screenshots detailing how my leads grew with this amazing tool.

In the meantime, discover how you can make the most of the data you collect with your own Interact quiz.

How to Nurture Your Interact Leads

Now that you’ve got your quiz up and running, you’ve promoted it, and you’re collecting lots of data, how do you keep the momentum going?

First, you nurture those leads with regular contact via email.

Next, you create content based on the data you’ve collected, such as blog posts, videos, and more quizzes, that is relevant to your new leads.

Finally, create products and offer services that provide solutions to the problems faced by your leads.

Now It’s Your Turn To Explode Your List With Interact

The success of your business depends on your ability to connect your audience so that you can meet their needs. Quizzes are a fun and engaging way to perform the market research you need to create loyal customers and keep your business on track.

Now that you’ve seen how jaw-droppingly easy it is to create a quiz using Interact, how will you use it to boost your business? Drop a link to your first quiz in the comments!

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