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If I were to write a FAQ for stay at home moms, without a doubt, the number one question would be: How can I find a legitimate job I can do at home (without joining an MLM)? Being a stay-at-home mom is a wonderful lifestyle choice that can have serious financial consequences if you’re not careful. With these 8 legitimate jobs you can work at home, you can create an income stream that will allow you to afford being a stay at home mom.

If I were to write a FAQ for stay at home moms, without a doubt, the number one question would be: How can I find a legitimate job I can do at home (without joining an MLM)? Being a stay-at-home mom is a wonderful lifestyle choice. In a two-income society, it is also a privilege.

You may feel upset with the idea that it’s a privilege to be with your own children. Perhaps you feel being a full-time parent is your calling, your passion, or your duty.

I won’t disagree with you there.

But I will say from experience that it is a choice that can have serious financial consequences if you’re not careful.

I am passionate about helping moms stay stay-at-home moms if that is where they want to be. You could say I’m on a mission. To that end, I present to you 8 Legitimate Jobs You Can Work from Home.

Why bother working from home, anyway?

Let’s face it: being a full-time parent IS a full-time job. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Still, working from home may be for you if:

 1) You’d like to meet financial goals sooner.

Most American families are in debt. Choosing to raise a family on a single income may work to meet your basic needs, but it makes breaking free from debt take longer. Bringing in extra cash with a remote position or a home based business could go a long way towards destroying that ugly debt once and for all.

2) You’d like to maintain your professional skills.

Some mamas dream of returning to the workforce once their children have reached school age. Is this you? What if you could use this time away from the office to finally create your own agency? Ever wanted to try out a new career entirely? This is your opportunity to explore the possibilities.


Perhaps you are determined to return to your former career with your former employer. Working from home in the meantime can help you combat the motherhood penalty.

3) You’d like to preserve your financial integrity.

For some women, it is important to make a financial contribution to the household even if their husbands can comfortably take care of all the expenses. If this is you, working remotely or starting your own company can give you the means you need to contribute.


Other women may be trapped in a financially abusive marriage. They don’t work because they aren’t permitted to work. Remember, I did begin this post saying I want to help stay-at-home moms stay at home if that is where they want to be. I don’t want to ignore the unfortunate reality that some of us mamas are home because we’ve been deprived of our choice to work. If this is you, learning how to create a stream of income could help you on your journey to break free.

Note: If you are in a marriage that is abusive in any way, seek professional help.

From Bread Baker to Bread Maker

In this free course, I’ll show you how to jumpstart your transition from stay at home mom to work at home mom. You’ll receive valuable insights and resources right in your inbox. Get started now!

4) You’d like a creative outlet.

It’s safe to say you’ve made plenty of crafts since becoming a full-time mommy, but when it comes to scratching the creative itch, macaroni necklaces don’t always cut it. Do you have a serious knack for designing beautiful fiber art? Are you trained in graphic design? Is writing the same as breathing for you? Have you been toying with an innovative combo of engineering and cooking? You’re full of gifts that could bless others and boost your own income. Why not go for it?

5) You’d like to connect with other people for some reason besides being a mom.

This is a big one. Being a stay-at-home mom can be isolating for a lot of women. Are you lonely, mama? I know I have been. And mommy groups? Don’t get me started. My children and I belong to two very good groups in our current city. However, after experiencing a number of mommy groups over the years and talking to other mamas who’ve done the same, I have found that most of them have more drama than a middle school playground. As an introvert and a mature adult, this isn’t exactly the best environment for making friends (nor do I want my kiddos exposed to that).

Maybe your friends are still happily unattached and can’t deal with your new schedule. Or you’ve realized your best pals were actually just coworkers after all.

Networking goes hand in hand with running a successful business. Working from home gives mamas like you a chance to meet like-minded women and men, whether in a virtual setting or offline, which can lead to satisfying friendships in addition to profitable partnerships.

“How can I find a legitimate job I can do at home (without joining an MLM)?”

Not Every Opportunity Is A Good One

Let’s cut to the chase: there are a lot of scams out there. Stay at home moms are particularly vulnerable to con artists and shady companies looking to take advantage of your loneliness and desperation for more money. It’s no coincidence that many of these companies happen to be multi-level marketing firms.

Listen, mama:

The network marketing model is problematic.

The network marketing model is problematic.

The network marketing model is problematic.

I can almost hear the collective gasp from The Sisterhood of Network Marketing Rockstars. Loosen that grip on your pearls and have a seat.

Before you accuse me of bitterness over my own experience with an MLM (No need, I fully admit that I am), before you tell me how your upline is full of millionaires and you’re on your way to Super-Extra-Special-Platinum-10x-Ruby level after you sign up just 13 more Independent Consultants (SOOOO CLOSE!), and before you tell me how your favorite MLM isn’t like all the others, let’s talk facts. The following information is contained in this report released by the FTC:

1) MLM companies rely upon recruitment rather than selling products. Of these recruits, 99% lose money.

2) MLM companies fail at a rate that is incomparable to legitimate small businesses. Small businesses are profitable for 39% of the lifetime of the company. Less than 1% of independent distributors for MLMs make a profit.

3) MLM companies assume an infinite or virgin market, but this is impossible.

4) Pyramid schemes that are not product-based are 10-100x MORE LIKELY to result in profits as are MLMs.

YOU may be thriving in your MLM. If so, I applaud you. Your accomplishment is truly exceptional…in that you are an exception to a model that, more often than not, forces already struggling families into debt. I don’t need to hammer this point much longer. After all, this is a guide on how to find a legitimate work at home job. If it were true that MLMs are the key to financial freedom and independence, there wouldn’t be so many stories of broken dreams, lawsuits, psychological damage, and wrecked relationships associated with this industry.

From Bread Baker to Bread Maker

In this free course, I’ll show you how to jumpstart your transition from stay at home mom to work at home mom. You’ll receive valuable insights and resources right in your inbox. Get started now!

How To Work From Home

Congrats to you for sticking with me up to this point, mama! It’s time to get to what you really want to know. Legitimate work from home job opportunities include:

Remote work

Several major companies offer remote positions ranging from customer support, medical transcription, UX design, and so much more. You can find your dream position via Power To Fly or FlexJobs.

Bonus: If you’re a temporary stay at home mom looking to return to your former position, why not negotiate with your employer to work remotely? For some careers, this is a sensible solution that allows you to have the best of both worlds.



Alright, crafty gal. You’ve probably heard of selling goods on Etsy, but have you thought of opening your own store? You could get started for free with Big Cartel or invest in a Shopify site. Maybe you really shine when it comes to graphic design and fashion. Read on for more tech-related ideas below or head on over to Spreadshirt and Printful to submit your original t-shirt designs. If your work is a hit, you can expect to see the coins rolling in.

Tech Work

Are you fluent in Python? Are Photoshop and InDesign your besties? Do you have a White Hat next to your apron? If you are a techie at heart, your skills can help you stack some serious bread from home. What’s that you say, you’re only a wannabe? Mama, please.

Learning lucrative tech skills from home could not be easier thanks to a seemingly endless supply of MOOCs, tutorials, Meetup groups, YouTube videos, and comprehensive free programs such as freeCodeCamp. Make money to the tune of thousands per month building websites, designing logos, coding apps, evaluating search engines, and more.

Micro Tasks

If all you really need is money for a few extra lattes, then micro tasks may work for you. You sign up to work for a micro task company as an independent contractor. Then, you choose to work on brief tasks that pay a few cents to a few dollars.

You’ll never become a millionaire working on these sites, but you could bring in a fair amount of money over time. I work for a micro task site when I have a spare moment and I am able to make enough to treat myself to a manipedi when I’m in the mood. Popular sites include User Testing, Amazon Mechanical Turk, SwagBucks, and InstaGC.


You’re a mom, so I’m willing to bet you’ve got an eye for a killer deal. Why not flip your best finds on sites like Ebay and Amazon? There are hundreds of success stories around of mamas like you who have invested a small amount of money on inventory to begin a Fulfillment By Amazon business. Don’t want to bother with reselling online? How about flipping thrift store finds at a garage sale?


Were you once a certified teacher or are you an experienced homeschooler? Put those skills to work with tutoring both on and offline. Create useful printables for homeschooling mamas to use with their littles and you could be seeing green.


If you’re already watching your own babies, what’s a couple more? Babysitting, nannying, and opening a daycare center are ways your love for children could give you extra cash.

Freelance Writing

Had to save the best for last. Writing is my bread-and-butter and it is oh so good. If you’re a Native English speaker with the ability to put a sentence together, writing could be your ticket to more money in the bank. Whether you choose to blog for businesses, break into copywriting, ghostwrite for novelists, churn out impeccable white papers, or any other writing service, this is a career choice with plenty of potential.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but now you’ve got an idea of ways you can make real money at home. If you’d like to get started with one of these career paths, but you don’t yet have the skills to do it, get your hands on a copy of my free guide Real Jobs for Enterprising Moms.

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