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How to be a Productive WAHM During Your First Trimester

Running a successful home business from home during your first trimester of pregnancy is challenging, but not impossible! Follow these 9 tips to remain productive during this special time in your life. #productivity #entrepreneurship #wahm #sahm #pregnancy #firsttrimester #homebusiness #workathome #workfromhome #busymom

Pregnancy + Home Entrepreneurship: Can It Be Done?

When you’re running a home business, it takes a lot of energy during the early days, especially if you’re a solopreneur. The keys to achieving a balance between your work and your personal life are having strict boundaries and mastering time management. Despite how disciplined you may have become as you’ve grown your home empire, there’s nothing quite like pregnancy to throw a wrench into your process.
Pregnancy is a time of whirlwind emotions and a myriad of changes. Growing another human being affects your body on a chemical level and no one can predict exactly how pregnancy will affect their mind and body. Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop while a woman is adjusting to her pregnant self. Running a service-based business can become more challenging because your client’s deadlines may conflict with your strong urge to sleep (or vomit!) If your nausea is severe, even something as simple as sitting at your desk may be a chore. Is there any hope for the pregnant mama who wishes to continue – or start – running her own home business? Of course, there is! There are plenty of women who ran thriving home businesses while pregnant. Here are 9 great tips to help you do the same!

9 Ways to Be a Productive Home Business Owner While Expecting

1. Make your body and your baby a priority – Whether your business is side income or your means to support your family, it’s important that you give priority to the needs of your body over the needs of your company. If your needs aren’t being met, you’re asking for trouble. Don’t skimp on sleep and other self-care practices for the sake of getting more done. You’ll be far more effective if you take the time to rest and properly fuel your body.
2. Stay hydrated – Proper hydration makes your body function better and can even help decrease feelings of nausea. With the extra blood volume in your body, your body is working overtime to keep your system filtered (hello, endless potty breaks!) Drink enough water to give your body what it needs to stay nice and clean.
“Running a successful home business from home during your first trimester of pregnancy is challenging, but not impossible!
3. Batch everything – Try blocking out time to work on just one task. You’ll get more done if you can focus on one thing at a time rather than executing a process from start to finish. Spend a 30-minute chunk answering emails, then another 30 minutes outlining your next 2-4 blog posts for the month. Spend half a morning recording your video content, then edit it the next day after you’ve had your afternoon nap. By working this way, you may find that you’re more productive than you would’ve been otherwise.

From Bread Baker to Bread Maker

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4. Take advantage of your energy spurts – After a few days of passing out around the same time in the middle of the workday, I realized that I needed to cram in my daily priorities in the time between breakfast and my afternoon crash. In order to do this, I began to drag myself out of bed a little earlier in the morning (which was, surprisingly, much easier than getting up from my afternoon nap) so I had enough time to work through my high-priority to-do list. That way, when I was too tired to stay awake, I could snooze a bit with no guilt. Pay attention to the ebb and flow of your own energy levels during the first trimester. Note when you’re feeling your best and work your tail off during that time. It feels so much better to work with your body rather than against it!
5. Just say no – You may need to temporarily back out of certain activities while you’re adjusting. Most people will be understanding, but there will be some who won’t get it. That’s okay! Give yourself permission to stop doing things that just don’t fit with your schedule. Be open with your communication and if possible, propose a solution to help others cope with your decision.

Yes, You Do Need a Business Plan

Your ability to succeed as a work at home business owner depends on your business plan. A business plan is to your work at home business as a foundation is to your house. Your house’s foundation holds everything together while providing support. Likewise, your business plan will tie in all the various arms of your operation. A good plan will help you to meet your goals.

7 Ways to Transition from SAHM to WAHM

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The Power of Saying No

True self-care isn’t about scented candles, massages, and bubble baths.. If you want to take good care of yourself, start saying “No” every chance you get.

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Why Working as a Virtual Assistant is the Perfect SAHM Side Hustle

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How to Teach Chores to Your Children

When you teach chores to your child, use it as a fun bonding opportunity! Start your chore lessons as early as possible with your children so that they become accustomed to doing them. Teaching simple, consistent, step-by-step lessons will help your children to develop a variety of skills while having fun making memories with you.

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8 Legitimate Jobs You Can Work From Home

If I were to write a FAQ for stay at home moms, without a doubt, the number one question would be: How can I find a legitimate job I can do at home (without joining an MLM)? Being a stay-at-home mom is a wonderful lifestyle choice. In a two-income society, it is also a privilege.

How to Bridge Your Industry Knowledge Gap

A major barrier you may be facing as you attempt to transition from stay at home mom to work at home mom is a knowledge gap. The technology and processes used in the modern workplace change at a rapid pace.

Tiny Truths Review (and Giveaway!)

Introduce your children to Biblical principles with the Tiny Truths Bible! The core truths of Christianity are condensed into 33 age appropriate, beautifully illustrated stories that are engaging for your little ones.

Why You Need a Mentor to Change Your Life

A good mentor will challenge your beliefs about yourself and help you to discover the path to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Their wisdom, tough love, and encouragement are the catalysts that spark powerful transformation in your life as they provide you with support.

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Your collective beliefs and attitudes about yourself, a concept known as mindset, can make or break your success. The good news is that mindset can be changed. In order to become a successful small business owner, you must cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. What sets an entrepreneur apart from other people is a basic belief in their ability to use challenges as a force for positive growth.

6. Eat well – The quality of your meals can have a major impact on how well you’re feeling during your first trimester. Every woman is slightly different, but well-balanced meals with protein, vegetables, and some carbs minus junky, sugary foods will keep you feeling your best. However, if all you can stomach are crackers and pickles, by all means, eat those crackers and pickles! Make sure you’re taking a high-quality prenatal vitamin and discussing with your doc other strategies for meeting your nutritional needs during this sensitive time.
7. Keep working out – No one expects you to be in Iron Man level shape, but keeping your body active while pregnant will help you to have extra energy and possibly avoid unnecessary weight gain. Start off your morning with a little cardio, whether it’s marching in place or taking a stroll around the block. Getting your blood pumping first thing will prepare you to accomplish the rest of your tasks.
8. Automate everything – There are so many wonderful products on the market that will automate your business tasks so you have more free time. Whether it’s posting your social media content, publishing your web content, or replying to customer inquiries, there is an app to get it done!
9. Get help – Now is not the time to try to be Super Woman. Lean on your friends and family for an extra set of hands. Have older kids help out with simple business tasks or a couple extra chores each week. Discuss with your husband how he can lend a hand. Let your parents or in-laws spend time with your kids so you can take a nap or catch up on work. If you’ve got room in your budget, hire a maid to come in bi-weekly or a nanny who can show up for an hour or two each day. This may even be the perfect time to go from solopreneur to employer. The more you can outsource, the better off you’ll be!

Remember: Take It Easy On Yourself!

Working at home while pregnant is not impossible. By keeping your health as a priority, reevaluating your schedule, and implementing some creative solutions, you can get through those exhausting first months of pregnancy without missing a beat in your business!
You’ve finally started to grow your home business, but now you’re pregnant and feeling exhausted. How can you keep the momentum going while giving yourself the care you need? These 9 tips will help you remain productive while expecting. #wahm #pregnancy #nausea #firsttrimester #homebusiness #entrepreneurship

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